S&G botanical CBD is formulated and extracted using the highest quality hemp available. Our pesticide free hemp is grown, processed and shipped out of Colorado, with the help of local farmers, bottlers and scientists. S&G CBD tincture is a full spectrum CBD product comprised of both CBD, CBG and extremely low level THC. S&G CBD is bottled and formulated in an ISO 7 clean room, at one of the most state of the art bottling facilities in the country.

Our 650 acre hemp farm uses a fully integrated pest management system instead of pesticides. This means that lady bugs, wasps, and praying mantises are used to help keep our hemp healthy. After harvesting our hemp, it is dried in a closed air conditioned 12,000 square foot mold free facility in darkness, assuring that the turpine profile of the plants is not damaged.
S&G CBD is available in four different flavors.

Original – A blend of full spectrum CBD and MCT oil. (600mg)

Peppermint – A blend of CBD, MCT and organic peppermint oil. Read more about the benefits of peppermint oil. (600mg)

Cinnamon – A blend of CBD, MCT and natural cassia oil. Read more about the benefits of cinnamon oil. (600 mg)

Vanilla – A blend of CBD, MCT and organic vanilla extract, Read more about the benefits of vanilla. (600mg)

Crude – A high potency blend of our full spectrum CBD. (2000 mg)

Our goal is to supply markets around the world with the premium quality CBD products to that aid  customers in mind and body wellness.